Taking a social media break but my art journey continues!

(Well, the next part of it anyway.)

My first blog post here and it's to announce a social media break so you can take a guess where things are headed from here. (Hint: It starts with the word down and ends with hill.)


Just kidding.

I'm taking time off to improve on my technical skills because I feel like I just suck. At everything but especially at art but also at everything, but also really, especially at art. So I've decided to enroll myself into Ei Ei's Summer Art School, where the curriculum consists of watching Youtube tutorials and Googling "how to draw a face" and (hopefully NOT) ending up at a website promoting penis enlargement. I've put together a well-curated team of "teachers": YouTube videos, random art books I bought for $10 at book sales and a selection Pinterest boards. Basically the Avengers of art school, but on a budget.

I'm going to be drawing traditionally instead of on my iPad because I feel like I just improve much more when I practice with paper and pencil. It could have something to do with the fact that there's no UNDUUUUU button so I have to erase and try again, erase and try again until I build some sort of muscle memory (? I think? or maybe I'm just bullshitting, I don't know. I don't know anything other than my own name).

I have some goals for this summer art school: to draw something for at least thirty minutes every day until I can create some good, realistic portraits, and to improve on my colour theory. I also want to improve my composition skills, and my form and structure, and my brushwork, and my perspective work. I also want to draw prettier things and create my own original characters and make some cute comics. I also want $25 million and world peace and a cute fluffy dog and some pancakes. Maybe not exactly in that order, but okay I'm digressing.

I'll try to update weekly to keep track of my progress, starting with today.

Here is what I'm able to draw today in roughly 30 mins (minus the snacking time:)), at the start of this project:

Total time taken for both drawings: 35 mins.

I'll come back and draw them again at the end of this project. Hopefully, I'll have improved. I'm not looking to become a hyper-realism artist or to be the next Van Gogh (I like having two ears, thankyouverymuch) but I just want to look at things I've drawn and not feel like they belong at the bottom of a recycling bin.


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